2016 had been an incredible year for Project Subway NYC, as I continued my effort to map out and draw more stations, I have also been blessed with opportunities to present, write, and discuss ideas from urban infrastructures, to architecture, to data visualization, and more. Thank you all for being part of this journey! I know I have not been super consistent with updating the site but rest assured I will keep moving forward with the project. I look forward to an exciting and fun 2017!

Here's a subway-station-looking Christmas tree. Merry Christmas and best wishes for a happy new year to you all!



As the holiday season approaches I decided to take a break from drawing (If you haven't voted though, please do so because I will most probably start drawing again in January). 

Every year I try to find a creative way to make a Christmas tree, and this year there's no better theme than the subway theme, check it out:

Subway Map Origami Christmas Tree

Subway Map Origami Christmas Tree

If you want to make your own, you can follow these instructions:

Or you can watch this video too:

On behalf of Project Subway NYC, I wish everyone a year of much love, happiness, and not too many train delays. Happy holidays!