Just came back from Asia! This time I stopped by Seoul - nice city! It was a short trip but I managed to ride their metro a few times and notice some interesting things about the way signage is done.

This sign gives you the distance to the nearest exit in meters:


This one gives you the previous station and the next station (as opposed to the terminal station of that line):


And this one is a 2D map with 3D buildings - a hybrid. I am not sure how I feel about it, but I am intrigued!



While working on my graphics for this project, I have to pick everything that goes into it- line type, line weight, paper size, paper texture, transparency etc.

The choice of font is a no-brainer, since I will just use what the subway system uses in all of their signages- HELVETICA. In fact, there is a whole documentary about this typeface:

There is also a book about it: