Recap: Comedy Show at Caveat

I was so honored to be invited to do a presentation at Caveat back in September, and I had a blast!

For those of you who haven’t been, Caveat is a comedy club in the Lower East Side, and is New York’s newest speakeasy stage for playful, intelligent nightlife. They have a series called “Why Your Train is F*cked” and they put on a show every month, where the two hilarious hosts (Meg and Justin) tell you why your train, as the title suggests, is f*cked. Their next show is on Thursday Nov 29 - go check it out!

Here is a little clip of my presentation:

Huge shoutout to Meg and Justin for putting on a fantastic show!

Two funny and talented hosts

Two funny and talented hosts

Me on stage

Me on stage


OCR Friday next week (6/24)

Thrilled to present at the Office for Creative Research (OCR) next Friday (6/24). The format is like a mini-TED talk, with 30-40mins presentation + a brief Q&A session. And there will be free beer! My last presentation at Parsons was primarily about the relationship between subway systems and retail, but this time is just about the project itself and its development over the past year.

RSVP here if you are interested! :



Two weeks ago I presented at Parsons at the "Mall City / Subway City" event, which was a celebration of Professor Stefan Al's forthcoming book < Mall City >, and an interesting discussion about the idea of Asian urban malls as extensions of mass transit systems coming to New York. 

A lot of questions were raised: Are malls public spaces? Are malls just bringing the suburban life into the city? Can small businesses survive in malls? Where is the demand coming from? The concept works in Hong Kong, will it work in NYC? 

Project Subway NYC started by being a simple drawing exercise, but I am pleasantly surprised by how it is slowly turning into a basis for an examination and exploration of this networked system which has economic, social, and cultural impact on the city. Now I am even more excited and motivated to keep going!

Panel Discussion (Left to Right -&nbsp;Brian McGrath, Carol Willis, David Grahame Shane, me, Stefan Al)

Panel Discussion (Left to Right - Brian McGrath, Carol Willis, David Grahame Shane, me, Stefan Al)



A belated big thank-you to all of you who made it to the event. It was a fun and rewarding experience in itself, but being able to share with my own friends and colleagues made it all the more meaningful and encouraging.

I have stopped producing drawings since November - between then and now I have made a competition entry (with a subway-themed fairy tale), went back to Hong Kong for two weeks, prepared for this "Mall City / Subway City" presentation, and most importantly regrouped my thoughts and vision about where I want Project Subway NYC to go. Now that it's finally getting a bit warmer, it's time for me to get my clipboard ready and get back in action!


I am really thrilled and honored to be invited to do a presentation at Parsons next Thursday, at 6pm. Afterwards I will join a panel discussion with Stefan Al, Carol Wlllis, and David Grahame Shane, moderated by professor Brian McGrath. It will be about malls, subway systems, and consumerism. If you are interested, RSVP at this link. Will be great to see you there!