There are more than 400 subway stations in New York, and ideally I would like to draw them all. 

But, like many things in life, I know if I aim too high, I will end up getting overwhelmed and giving up. As such, I have decided to start with five. Considering all the work that has to go in- taking pictures, collecting information online, surveying, modelling, drawing and photoshopping, five is already a handful, but hopefully it is manageable. 

The more complex and confusing stations are the ones with trains going in multiple directions, and to make it simple, I picked five stations along Broadway. 

Paradoxically, even though Broadway slices the rectangular Manhattan blocks into triangles and trapezoids, these intersections are all named squares and circles. (I know, I know “squares” have an ancient root, but I’m just saying.. :P) The list of stations I am going to start with is 14th Street – Union Square, 23rd Street – Madison Square, 34th Street – Herald Square, 42nd Street – Times Square, and 59th Street – Columbus Circle.