NEW : Project L Chicago

It has been three years since I started Project Subway, and I thought to myself, it’s time to take a break from New York and go see other cities. So this summer, I visited Chicago - and I got immediately intrigued by the L stations there!

In particular I found the Loop very interesting - there are many stations that are close to each other, connected above and below ground, trains and tracks running in all directions. I came back and made my own version of the Loop, and the 3D diagram of one of the stations:

Track Map of the Chicago L at the Loop / Buy a Print

3D map of the Clark/Lake station

Want to see the rest of the stations illustrated too? Back my campaign “Project L Chicago” on Kickstarter! If I successfully raise $1,000USD, I will be able to fly to Chicago next year and sketch them out. You get different prints for different tiers of support, and if you pledge $100USD or more, I will draw any station you name!

The campaign ends on Dec 31 this year - please check it out and share it with anyone who might be interested. Really appreciate it!

chicago placeholder posters grid.jpg